Oh dear

Now, ScrapingScrap moves into the exotic car movement, with the lucky purchase of a sporting open top thouroughbred powering around twisting roads, throaty exhaust note reverberating around those rugged cliffs. A fine pedigree of a motorcar saw only 7 of these little beauties ever built. This is what motoring is all about, you think to yourself as you sweep into that long right handed corner and majestically waft by that lumbering pantechnicon. However, this is the point where you realise that your trusted steed has only three wheels. Not only that, but the wheezing 850cc A-series engine hasn't the power to successfully complete the overtaking manoeuver, leading to that pristine, hand-crafted bodywork made of the finest Oxford fibreglass being covered in diesel and oil splats from the aformentioned removal van.

It's a 1970's Moss Mosquito, one of 7 believed to be have been made, but only one of two with an 850cc engine. It has done 20000 miles and has sat in a shed for 11 years.

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As Found... The Accident Number Plate etc.

Painting the flames Finished?

Open Road

Update 10.1.03 We have just been contacted by a man in France called Emilien, who owns several Mosquito's (including the prototype) and also has the orignal mold to make the bodyshells. If you can read french (if you can't there are still pictures!), check out his site here : Mosquito's in France