This was how the Mosquito was found... Goodness, that'll be worth some money if we restore it.

What? This is ScrapingScrap!

Uh oh...

Right, first job is to get it going. Shove some fuel in the carb - connect a battery - whirr whirr pop bang. Bloody hell, it started! It shot a stream of flakey rust onto the tarmac behind the exhausts.

Brakes, clutch, lights done. MOT... failed. 'Everything works mate, except the front suspension has settled onto the bump stops'. This then continued into an in-depth explanation of how to rebuild the suspension until he was interrupted by the question 'Can't we just cut down the bump stops?'. Ten minutes later it was MOT'ed and on it's way to the post office to get taxed. 102 insurance, 37.50 tax, and 55mpg, this is going to be a good little car... It is such a giggle to drive. It handles better than you would believe and it's only been up on two wheels round a roundabout a few times... rust@scrapingscrap.com