The Green Benz got hit by that lorry. You know how it is: someone hits your pride and joy, and for some reason you just don't want it anymore. Then a message came through from a mate who's colleague's SEC had just been smashed up by vandals. It was free if we go and pick it up! The way it described over the phone it was a wreck, but would provide an excellent donor car for the green Benz and hopefully rejuvenate some interest in it too. When we got down there with the trailer to pick it, the body was straighter than a very straight thing. Looks like we have a new project then...


At first light the next day, all was revealed. Apart from the obvious, this thing is such good condition - just about perfect to be buggered up by ScrapingScrap then.


First of all, get the pimp wires on.


Rip the interior out for cleaning and glass removal. Wow, there really is no rust in this thing!


Dash was a bit rough, with a few bits missing, but should clean up OK.


Interior back in.


Not bad for a car that was going to be scrapped two weeks previous.


Oh yeah, it has one of those too... 3.8 litre v8. After removal of the imobaliser, it was fired up for the first time. Started easy enough, but had one very rattly tappet. The car was also found to have a full stainless AMG exhaust. Suitably unsocially loud then!


Ah, that'll explain the rattle. One worn out tappet. It's damaged the cam a little too, but the £6 required for a new tappet had quietened it for now. Will get round to fixing it properly one day.


MOT in the morning - headlight alignment, and straight through. Wicked. Right, out with that angle grinder to get the springs to the right length. It was a £50k car when new, now it's trapped as one of the ScrapingScrap fleet.


The grill was smashed by the vandals. So if a second hand one is £120+vat from a breakers, how much does a new one from Mercedes cost?! A custom one was made by a fellow SSAC member. Cost: none pounds. Good.


Not bad for a free motor - currently owes about £650 as you see it here, although the hydraulics have just been ordered which kind of throws out the cheap car idea. Two chrome pumps and six batteries. Damn those credit cards...


A quick photoshop impression using Volvo C70 coupe burnt orange... Hmmm, that could work.