Yep, another bloody Ford. The quality of Scraping Scrap really is going downhill we hear you say. Well maybe, but this thing has had a surprising amount of smoothing and it is roller painted in the worst shade of lilac that you could possibly imagine. Just waiting for some different wheels, so that the sills can sit 4 inches closer to the ground.

Update: 10.02.03

Yep, he blew it up. Not just in a little way either...

Well, it only caused a missed hairdresser appointment anyway.

The two pictures above were forwarded to SSAC HQ within minutes of the Sierra being unloaded from the AA truck.

The following text and photographs appeared a few hours later:

Cooking Instructions:

Recipe for a hot 2.0 ltr pinto

1. Take one very sick Pinto engine (preferably with serious block damage for better results)

2. Remove nasty black smelly oily stuff (including any small stray bits of rod,ends,etc)

3. Start up engine

4. Allow it to idle for a short time.

5. Place right foot on Accelerator pedal.

6. MASH IT into the carpet & rev to approximately 7500 rpm or so for as long as it lasts.

7. Allow all flying bits to land & engine to stop of its own accord.

8. Stand back & admire your handiwork (chuckle to yourself as required)

9. Attempt to restart engine(repeat above steps until it won't even turn over)

10. Job done !!

See pics for results.

The small lump of battered metal is a lump of con-rod that actually hit my brother as it went past !.Another piece went past him & over the roof of the garage next to us !.